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What If My Car Title is Not In My Name?

Title loans are a popular option among people who need cash on short notice. It’s not surprising – after all, they’re accessible, easy, and fast.

Title loans have only one downside, really – they’re specifically for people who outright own their cars. If that isn’t you, then you might need to look elsewhere for financial assistance and quick cash.

So what happens if the title is not in your name? Unfortunately, you cannot get a title loan. This is a rule that Southwest Title Loans must follow.

However, in the state of Arizona, there’s another way to use your car to get the cash you need – registration loans. You don’t need the title to be in your name to use your car for the loan, as long as you’ve got the car registration.

What Are Arizona Registration Loans?

Registration loans are a type of secured fast loan you can also get in the state of Arizona through Southwest Title Loans.

While, like we said, with title loans you need to outright own your car to use it to get a loan, registration loans allow you to use, as the name suggests, the car registration instead.

This means your car title doesn’t necessarily need to be in your name, and you don’t need to outright own your car; as long as the car registration is in your name, you can get the loan, even if there’s an existing lien on it.

How Do Arizona Registration Loans Differ From Title Loans?

So what is the main difference between the two loans? Well, with registration loans, you can get a registration loan even if your car is financed and you’re currently paying it off.

This is not an option with title loans. To qualify for a title loan, the title not only needs to be in your name, but it also needs to be completely lien-free. Meaning there can’t be any outstanding loans or other financial judgments against the car.

It’s not a problem when registration loans are concerned because, as long as you’re over 18 and your name is on the car registration, you can possibly get a registration loan. If you purchase the car from a dealership, the registration will be in your name from the get-go. If your car is used, you might need to visit DMV to have the car registered in your name.

What You Need To Get Arizona Registration Loans

The required items, similar to our title loans, are a short list when compared to more traditional bank loans. Here is what you need to bring with you:

  • A valid state-issued ID or driver’s license to prove you’re over 18;
  • Your vehicle registration;
  • The vehicle itself.


registration and title loans


Can I Get Arizona Registration Loans With Bad Credit?

The good news is, just like with our title loans, you can still qualify for an Arizona registration loan even if you have bad or nonexistent credit.

Southwest Title Loans is open to borrowers with all types of credit. What matters is that you provide us with listed qualifying items and those items are in satisfactory condition.

You can qualify for Arizona registration loans regardless of your credit situation as long as your required items are in order. Your credit can be good, bad, or outright nonexistent – it’s not likely to render your ineligible for the registration loan.

Even still, they won’t influence your credit score at all. Southwest Title Loans doesn’t report its loan information to any credit bureaus. Your information will stay solely with us. As such, it won’t be going on any credit reports anytime soon.

Can I Get Arizona Registration Loans If I’m Unemployed?

And just like you can still possibly qualify for registration loans with bad credit, you can also still qualify if you are unemployed. Arizona registration loans are still secured loans, even if you’re using your car registration instead of the car title.

This security allows us to be a little more flexible and try to accommodate your employment situation – whatever it might be.

Will I Need To Leave My Car If I Get Arizona Registration Loans?

Also just like our title loans, you don’t have to leave your vehicle with us to get this loan. We are using the registration as collateral, not the car itself. This means you can keep driving your vehicle while you are repaying the loan.

How To Get Arizona Registration Loans

First things first, make sure you’ve got all the required items – the state-issued ID or driver’s license, your car, and the car’s registration – before getting started.

After that, it should be smooth sailing. Just submit an online form with your information on the website and answer when the loan representative calls. They’ll check your information, determine if you qualify for the loan, and what amount you should qualify for.

If your information checks out, and they approve you for the registration loan – you’ll complete the paperwork and get the cash you qualified for electronically deposited into your bank account by the next bank business day.

Don’t Worry About Your Car Title

If your car title not being in your name has held you back from getting a loan before, it doesn’t have to anymore. You can still get quick cash through an Arizona registration loan. Fill out the form when you are ready to get started. 

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

Daniel Dewitt

Daniel Dewitt is a lifetime blogger with a finely-honed ability to break down, analyze, and interpret economic trends for the layman. He's fiercely invested in spreading financial literacy and helping everyday people gain the tools they need for their own economic success.

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