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What Are The Most Profitable Sports Franchises In 2024?

One of the most profitable industries in the world is sports, with owners of sports franchises profiting from ticket sales, merchandising, concessions at stadiums, television rights deals, etc. American football, basketball, and soccer franchises all rank as the most profitable sports franchises in the world.

In this article from Southwest Title Loans, Inc., we will explain what the most profitable sports franchises in the world are. We will also explain how these franchises make money and how you can make money fast through online title loans.

The Seven Most Profitable Sports Franchises In 2024

Unsurprising to many, there is plenty of money in the sports industry, especially in leagues like the National Football League (NFL), National Basketball Association (NBA), and Premier League. Learn about what sports franchises in the world are most profitable and see whether your favorite team is on the list.

Here are the seven most profitable sports franchises in 2024, based on their income over the past three years:

1. Dallas Cowboys (NFL)

At the top of this list is the Dallas Cowboys, which is far and away the most profitable sports franchise in the world. “America’s Team” generated more revenue over the last three years than many other teams combined, bringing in $1.251 billion.

Part of the reason for their success is their status as a legacy brand for the NFL. They were created in the 1960s and won multiple championships in the '60s, '70s, and '90s. Their run of success winning Super Bowls in 1993, 1994, and 1996 brought the team to new prominence, with many players becoming household names and the team reaching national popularity.

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2. New England Patriots (NFL)

With on-field success comes profitability, which is why the New England Patriots are second on the list of most profitable sports franchises. They generated $579 million over the last three years on the back of a dynastic run of championships, with the team winning six Super Bowls since 2002.

Fans have shown their support for the successful team by buying tickets to home games at Gillette Stadium. They have also bought memorabilia celebrating their fantastic teams and players, such as Tom Brady, Rob Gronkowski, and Julian Edelman.

3. Manchester City (Premier League)

For the next team on the list, we head over to the Premier League for Manchester City. They generated $487 million over the last three years. They have also had an unprecedented run of success, winning 34 major honors in the football club’s prestigious history.

Manchester City fans fill the Etihad Stadium for football matches, which has a capacity of over 53,000 people. Manchester City generates revenue through ticket sales, income from broadcasting rights, and merchandising.

4. Tottenham Hotspur (Premier League)

Tottenham Hotspur is another highly profitable Premier League team. Over the last three years, they have generated $441 million. One reason for their profitability is the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium in London, which is the third biggest stadium in England and can hold over 62,000.

The relatively new stadium is still an attraction for local Tottenham fans and tourists coming to London to watch a football match. It has and will continue to host two NFL games over a ten-year period.

5. Manchester United (Premier League)

Manchester United is the second-most profitable Premier League team in Manchester, generating $424 million over the last three years. It is a franchise similar to the Dallas Cowboys in the NFL, as they have a large brand that has outweighed recent success.

The football club last won the Champions League in 2008 with one of the most famous athletes in the world, Cristian Ronaldo. Success hasn’t been consistent for Manchester United, but they still generate revenue through ticket sales and merchandising.

6. New York Knicks (NBA)

The NFL and Premier League aren’t the only leagues where money is made. Some National Basketball Association (NBA) teams also make plenty, with the New York Knicks standing out among the rest.

Over the past three years, the Knicks generated around $395,000,000. They play in one of the most recognizable sports venues in the world, Madison Square Garden. The Garden is filled with fans, no matter how good the team is. The Knicks could see themselves increasing their profitability over the next few years, as they have their first consistently good roster since the 1990s. 

7. Houston Texans (NFL)

For now, the Knicks are the only basketball team on this top list of money-making sports franchises. After them comes the Houston Texans, yet another NFL franchise. That shows that football is America’s favorite sport, and fans show their love by spending their hard-earned money.

Over the past three years, the Texans have earned $386,000,000, making them one of the most profitable sports franchises in the country.

How Do Sports Franchises Make Money?

Sports franchises have many different revenue streams that contribute to their profitability. While you may think merchandising and ticket sales are the crux of how they make their money, there are many other factors that they can profit from.

The following are some ways sports franchises make money:

  • Ticket sales: Teams receive a portion of the money from tickets sold at stadiums and other venues.
  • Revenue sharing: They also receive a share of revenues through league-wide sponsorship deals.
  • Sponsorships and advertising: Plenty of eyes watch these franchises play, which means sponsors and advertisers want to cash in on that attention, which adds even more income for these franchises.
  • Merchandise: Fans can pay to represent their teams through T-shirts, jerseys, caps, collector’s cups, and more.
  • Broadcasting rights: Sports leagues sell the broadcasting rights to their games, and the franchises benefit from revenue through these deals. In some sports leagues, the franchises themselves handle their rights deals with local broadcasters.

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Sports franchises like the ones listed above rake in millions every year, and that’s all thanks to supportive fans. Merchandise, broadcasting rights, and many other income streams add to their profit each year's end.

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Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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