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lower energy bills in summer

How To Lower Energy Bill Costs in The Summer

If you are trying to figure out how to lower energy bill costs in the summer, there are lots of things that you can do. These include opening your windows, closing doors and vents, and not using electricity during peak hours. Other things include unplugging your devices, replacing your air conditioner, going outside, and adjusting your thermostat.

If you are looking to lower energy bill costs this summer, these strategies can help you.

Energy Saving Tips To Start Using Today

Open Your Windows

Do you live in a climate where it gets cool at night? You should consider turning off the air conditioning and opening some windows to let cool air in at night.

During the day you can keep your blinds drawn and your windows closed, to keep the outside heat from warming up your living space too much. This makes it easier to cool your house to a comfortable level.

Close Your Doors And Vents

Do you have rooms in your home that you do not use? You should consider closing the doors and vents that lead to these rooms. This is one of the best tips on how to lower energy bill costs during the summer.

This will make your cooling system more efficient. If you avoid wasting energy to heat a room that no one is using, you will have to spend less money on the energy to make that room comfortable.

Avoid Peak Hours

What time of day are you using electricity? This is important for determining your electricity use. Electricity companies charge more during peak hours. If you schedule your energy use for non-peak hours this will help you lower your energy bill by reducing the electrical load.

These off-peak hours are usually late at night or early in the morning. Using electricity during this time reduces the load on the electrical system and reduces your monthly energy bill. When it is especially hot outside, it is a good idea to wait until after 6 PM before you cook, wash dishes, or do laundry.

Unplug Your Devices

Whenever you decide to get out of the house, you should unplug your devices from the electrical outlets. You can also use smart power strips to reduce your energy costs by eliminating the standby or phantom electricity that your chargers, appliances, and standard power strips use even when they are not actively in use.

Go Outdoors

What is the point of summer if you are not going outside with your friends to do things that you can’t do when it’s cold out? Plus, when you go outside you are lowering your energy bill because you are not using energy inside your home.

people outdoors

You can reduce your household energy costs by going outside and not using air conditioning, water heating, or indoor cooking. Every minute that you are not using these things helps you lower the cost of your electricity bill.

Replace Your Air Conditioner

If you can afford it, you should consider replacing your air conditioner with a more efficient model. This is one of the best ideas on how to lower energy bills during the summer. In fact, simply clearing out a clogged air conditioning unit can save you a substantial sum on your energy bill by itself.

Not only will this help you save money on your energy bill now, but you will also save money by avoiding expensive repairs and replacements down the road.

Adjust Your Thermostat

If you want to know how to lower energy bill costs during the summer, you should think about adjusting your thermostat. Your instinct might be to lower the temperature as much as possible, but this is a good way to raise your energy bill rather than lowering it.

It is a good idea to set your thermostat at a temperature just cool enough to stay comfortable, and then to raise it one more degree. In fact, for every degree that you set above 75 degrees, you can save ten to fifteen percent on your energy bill.

Getting Help with Southwest Title Loans

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Final Thoughts

These are some of the things you can try if you are learning how to lower energy bill costs this summer. You just have to open your windows, get outside when you can, make your home more efficient, unplug your devices, and avoid using electricity during peak hours.

Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

Louis Tully

Louis Tully is a full-time finance writer offering financial expertise to everyday consumers. He understands the core values of finance and used his writing talents to share his own experiences with money to his readers. His articles teach how financial failures can easily become successes by making new habits and creating realistic goals.

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