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What Are Eight Fun Things To Do In Tucson, AZ?

If you're looking for fun activities in Arizona, visit Tucson, AZ! The state’s second-largest city in Arizona, it is a great place for fun for not only outdoor enthusiasts but also foodies and history buffs alike.

Furthermore, Tucson is a hub of natural and cultural sites, so it is well worth it to come down and experience it for yourself! Whether you come by yourself, with your significant other, or with your family, there's something for all. 

8 Fun And Historic Things To Do In Tucson

Take a look below to learn eight fun things you can experience now!

1. Check Out The Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum

If you want to experience the Sonora Desert, the best place for you to go is the Arizona-Sonora Desert Museum. The Sonora Desert Museum is 98 acres and houses a zoo, art gallery, botanical garden, and aquarium. You can easily spend the whole day here exploring the gardens, strolling through climate-controlled galleries, touching stingrays, and experiencing birds flying. The desert museum also has research and conservation programs for you to learn more about the region.

2. Visit The Old Tombstone Western Theme Park

Located just outside of Tucson, the Old Tombstone Western Theme Park can easily become the highlight of your trip if you’re into the lawless Wild West. The area is best known for one of the most notorious gunfights, so be prepared to witness a few gunfight shows. The theme park also has a lovely Mexican-style cantina, a Shoot’n Gallery, a mini-golf, and a gold-panning station. You can also take a trolley tour where the conductor teaches you about the park's history.

3. Enjoy A Whimsical Outdoor Theater

Valley of the Moon is an enchanted historic fairyland that turned 100 years old in 2023. Valley of the Moon officially became a nonprofit in 1945 with the hope of advocating tolerance and love regardless of who you are. This unique environment offers tours and theatrical performances that kids and adults alike can enjoy. Before planning your trip to the enchanted storybook land, make sure to check the theater’s schedule, as they’re typically open to the general public only a few times per month.

Tucson, AZ fun activities visit

4. Let Your Football Fan Out At The Arizona Stadium

For all you football fans, check out the Arizona Stadium. This historic site is located on the campus of the University of Arizona, has nearly 60,000 seats, and combines both old-style charm and modern conveniences. The stadium is the home field of the Arizona Wildcats and you have to catch one of their home games. If you are ever in the city during a football game, visit the stadium and become part of one of the loudest groups of football fans.

5. Visit The Mini Time Machine Museum Of Miniatures

If you’re looking for a truly unique experience, you might enjoy the collection of over 500 dollhouses and dozens of miniature collectibles at the Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures. The Mini Time Machine Museum of Miniatures is a 10,000-square-foot space where you’ll feel like a giant peeking through tiny windows. This museum helps you and your children travel back through history with these mini houses.

6. Hop On A Hot Air Balloon

If you like adventure, this should be on your list of fun activities! What better way to enjoy the Arizona desert than from up above? Yes, you would have to wake up at 4 in the morning in order not to miss the fun, but the views are well worth it! Plus there are companies in Tucson, AZ like Southern Arizona Balloon Excursions and Tucson Balloon Rides offer quite a few different flights for you to choose from. 

7. Pay A Visit To The Old Tucson Studio

Old Tucson is part theme park/part movie studio, where you’ll enjoy concerts, ghost tours, immersive entertainment tours, and a lot more. It’s also a must-visit for film buffs as the backdrops you’ll see in the studio have been featured in hundreds of movies over the last decades. This studio is the perfect setting for fans of the Wild West, where countless Western movies and television shows were filmed.

8. Enjoy A Drink At Sky Bar Tucson

Sky Bar Tucson is not just an ordinary bar, it’s a solar-powered café by day and an astronomy bar at night. You can have a drink and learn more about the desert sky with the help of professional astronomers and on-site telescopes. You can also enjoy events like “skyraoke”, trivia nights, and a bunch of other fun activities. And with Tucson-favorite Brooklyn Pizza Company right next door, you can enjoy a signature drink and eat your pizza on the patio under the stars!

a rainbow in the Arizona desert

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Have Fun While In Tucson, AZ Today!

Tucson, AZ is full of fun activities and incredible places to visit, so it is well worth it for you and your family to visit. Whether you are interested in history or astronomy, there’s something for everyone here. And if you run into an emergency, remember that Southwest Title Loans are here to help you with either a title loan or a registration loan. All you have to do is go to our website to fill out the online form now!


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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