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Find Your Financial Balance With These Loan Options

If you are constantly struggling to reach a financial balance in life, it can leave you feeling stressed out and unhappy. The good thing is, there are things you can do to help yourself find a financial balance to keep your stress levels down and your mood up. With just some effort and some loans to help you out, you can find a good balance for yourself and straighten up your finances. So, keep reading this article to learn about three things you can do on your own to improve your financial situation and about two loans that can help you out.

How To Find Your Financial Balance

1. Identify What’s Most Important To You

There are plenty of money-related tips to help your budget. And though taking them into consideration would be a wise decision, there is no budget that will work for every individual. Through trial and error, you will be able to come up with your own spending and saving habits that are going to work for your family, so don’t be afraid to adjust as you go. In fact, your budget should change as your income or expenses change.

But before defining how much of your income you’d like to spend on your needs and wants and what part of it you’d be able to save, you have to figure out what brings you joy in life. Redirecting the focus of your financial life through the lens of what you hope to achieve and the lifestyle you wish to create is a great place to start. Once you manage to find out what brings you peace and satisfaction, the creation of a budget will automatically start making more sense.

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2. Implement A Manageable Action Plan

Write down your short-term and long-term goals. The first ones may take you only a few weeks or months to achieve, while the second category might take a few years (like saving for your retirement). Break down all the goals into smaller steps that can be completed in a week or so, and make sure to check on your progress every month to keep your motivation high.

Your life will be in balance if you come up with not only financial, but also personal goals. If you know that going out and socializing on a regular basis is extremely important for you, make sure to include that in your plan. But try to cultivate non-financial sources of happiness as well (your well-being doesn’t have to fully depend on how much you earned that month).

3. Organize Your Bills

If you know that your bills are all organized, you will stop stressing out about missed payments and lost documents. For the bills that arrive electronically, have a separate folder in your phone where you will save them. For the ones that come in your mailbox, find a cabinet in your house where the papers are going to ‘live’. Such a filing system can help anyone feel more confident about their finances; and if you pay your own taxes, this system will make it easier.

To make sure that late payments never take you by surprise, take care of the bills the day you get them if you have money available. Ideally, you would want to automate any recurring payments and create a checklist for the bills that you’re expecting. And if you know you have to wait a few days to get the money, make sure you keep the bills where you can see them and keep a note of when they are due so you aren’t late in paying them.

4. Use Our Loans To Help You Out

Sorting out your financial life can require quite some time and dedication. And the worst thing is that a single unexpected life event can easily hinder your efforts. The good news is there are loans out there that can easily help make handling those expenses easier. If you’re having to deal with an urgent bill and you don’t have the necessary funds to take care of it, you can look to us at Southwest Title Loans for either a title loan or a registration loan.

Who Can Benefit From A Title Loan?

Southwest Title Loans can bring you up to $15,000 if you choose to go for a title loan. If you own your vehicle outright and you need to get your hands on as much money as you possibly can, then this might be the option for you. This loan uses your vehicle’s lien-free title as collateral for a lump sum of money. This means that your car needs to be fully paid off and the title has to be in your name and free of any outstanding liens.

If you can meet these terms – and you are a legal adult – you can find out if you qualify for approval. And if you do qualify for approval, we can get you the money either later the same day you qualify or the next bank business day at the latest. Plus, you get to keep your vehicle while you repay the loan! We only hold onto your title until you’ve fully repaid us. Then we will remove the lien and safely return your title to you. All you have to do to begin the process is fill out the online form on our website.

Who Can Benefit From A Registration Loan?

Southwest Title Loans can also bring you between $200 - $1,500 if you choose to go for a registration loan. The difference between this loan and our title loan is, instead of using your title as collateral, you are using your car’s registration as collateral. This means it doesn’t matter if you are still making payments on your car currently; if the registration is an Arizona registration and it is in your name, you can still get this loan. One thing you need to know is we will check your credit before we can decide if you qualify for approval.

And just like our title loans, you can keep your vehicle while you are repaying your loan. Unlike our car title loans, we do not have to inspect your vehicle before we make any kind of decisions. We do, however, have to look at your income closely along with your license and Arizona registration. If you are approved for this loan, you can get the money either on the same day you are approved, or the next bank business day at the latest.

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Find Your Financial Balance Today!

As you can see, finding a financial balance isn’t completely impossible! As difficult as an emergency can be to your finances, there are things you can do to help get your finances back on the right path. And if these three options aren’t enough to help you handle your emergency expenses, we here at Southwest Title Loans are here to help with a title loan or a registration loan. All you have to do is fill out the online form on our website for either loan to begin the process.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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June Mckaig writes articles on finance and budgeting, hoping to provide insight amidst the overwhelming crowds of information on the internet. She feels that with all this accessibility comes a lot of false data, and she would like to contribute astute, helpful input that she knows can help others. If you would like to learn more about June's research, read more here.

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