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How Does Your Car’s Condition Affect Your Title Loan Value?

Getting a car title loan from us at Southwest Title Loans is a good idea if you need quick money for an emergency expense, but you must understand the role the car condition plays in the car title loan process. Simply put, the better your car’s condition, the higher the loan value you could potentially qualify for if you are approved.

Keep reading this article to understand the relationship between your car’s condition and title loan value. Plus, learn some tips to improve your car’s condition.

How Is Your Title Loan Value Affected By Your Car’s Condition?

First, you should know that your loan value is determined by your vehicle. When you come to us at Southwest Title Loans, the maximum amount you can get for a title loan is $15,000. However, the precise amount you can qualify to receive depends on your car’s condition and its value. That value will be assessed by one of our representatives who will perform a quick vehicle inspection when you meet in person.

They’ll check all parts of your vehicle, including its interior, exterior, and everything under the hood. Then, the representative will refer to a nationally recognized pricing guide to determine your car’s market value based on its make, model, and year. Finally, the representative will tell you how much you can borrow from the title loan based on your car’s condition and market value. They will then look at your other title loan requirements to determine eligibility for approval.

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Factors Considered When Evaluating A Car’s Condition

When it comes to the inspection, there are a few things we are looking at. While we don’t do an in-depth inspection that’ll take hours, we are trying to decide how much money we can potentially lend to you, so the inspection is important. However, one thing you don’t have to worry about is that it’ll take too long because we make sure you won’t have to wait forever to get an answer! Here are five factors regarding your car’s condition that can affect your title loan value:

  • Vehicle age: Car parts wear out with time, so your vehicle’s age is an important indicator of its overall condition. Simply put, the older your car is, the less it’s worth. This means you might be able to get a title loan with a new car – just make sure it is in your name and paid off.
  • Mileage: Aside from age, your car’s mileage also affects its condition. The more a vehicle has been driven (i.e., the higher the mileage), the more repairs and replacements it’ll likely need. That, too, will affect its value.
  • Mechanical issues: Representatives check under the hood to search for mechanical problems. For example, the vehicle’s age and mileage could mean the critical components, like the transmission, might not be in good shape anymore.
  • Interior and exterior: A car’s condition also depends on its interior and exterior. While these parts are less affected by mileage, they will wear out the longer you’ve had the vehicle.
  • Market value: Lastly, each car's market value goes down with time. Your car might not be worth what it was a few years ago, but it could be worth more than other models of the same age.

How Long Does A Car Inspection Take?

The in-person part of the title loan process, when a representative will inspect your car and check your documents, can take as little as 30 minutes to complete. In other words, you won’t have to disrupt your schedule too much to get it done. Remember, scheduling these inspections is easy. You can bring your car to one of our store locations or arrange for our representative to visit you; whichever is more convenient.

5 Ways To Maximize Your Car’s Condition

Most cars will lose their value the older they get, but don’t let that discourage you! There are plenty of things you can do to maintain your car’s condition as best as possible so you can potentially maximize your title loan value. It is worth doing these things because your car should be kept in top condition as a safety precaution. But, particularly for a car title loan from us at Southwest Title Loans, it is a good idea to do these five things starting today:

1. Regular Maintenance

First and foremost, you must keep up with regular maintenance and servicing according to the manufacturer’s recommendation. Don’t neglect basic things like getting regular oil changes and replacing brake pads – even if you have to consult a professional to help. These are crucial if you want your car to work properly for you and keep you safe on the road!

2. Regular Cleaning

Cleaning your car inside and out also matters when it comes to determining your car’s value. Doing so will help maintain the upholstery inside and the paint on the exterior. This keeps your car looking its best and working its best. Keeping the dust and grime away means you will experience less resistance and you’ll get better gas mileage.

3. Address Minor Issues

All cars experience occasional issues – even minor ones. It’s best that you address these right away while they’re still minor. Certain car problems tend to worsen with time, becoming more expensive to deal with later. Plus, your minor issue can impact the car in other ways, causing a major issue that will cost you even more money to handle.

getting work done to increase car's value

4. Good Driving Habits

Your driving habits also affect your car’s wear and tear. For example, aggressive braking will age your brake and suspension system much faster than normal. While we know you can’t control everything on the road, you should do your best to drive as well as you can. This means not braking suddenly and avoiding any potholes or anything on the road that would hurt your tires.

5. Park In Safe Places

Lastly, keep your car parked in safe places when you are in public. Doing that one thing will protect it from damage caused by other people, vehicles, or natural causes like bad weather. If you can, make sure to find a parking spot that isn’t too surrounded by other vehicles. This might mean you’ll have to walk a bit to get to your location, but you can ensure the safety of your vehicle.

Get A Title Loan Now!

You’ve read how your overall car condition can affect your title loan value, and how that car condition is assessed by a representative, making it easier to decide if this loan option is right for you. Thankfully, there are plenty of steps you can take to maintain your car’s condition and maximize how much you can borrow if you are approved.

All you have to do now is begin the process so you can find out how much your vehicle can get you. Go to our website and fill out the online form to begin the process right away.


Note: The content provided in this article is only for informational purposes, and you should contact your financial advisor about your specific financial situation.

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