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How To Stay Healthy Without Paying Too Much

March 4, 2020 | Mason Roberts

Staying in shape can be a difficult thing to do, especially when you’re on a budget and can’t spend extra cash on exercise equipment, gym memberships, or nutrition plans. We live very busy lives that oftentimes don’t leave room for remaining in both peak condition and peak budget. This is a shame because while it is important, at times your health is not something easy to give the time and forethought it deserves. Luckily, it does not have to be this way— it is possible to get and stay in shape while saving your money.



Don’t Just Plan Your Meals—Plan Your Week

The following might be one of the more obvious options for staying in shape on a budget. Take a couple minutes on the weekend to plan the coming week. Planning your meals, your budget, and your down-time means that you always know what you should be doing to stay in shape.

This also leads to you always knowing what food you have the money to buy. Many people are already versed in budgeting grocery money. If you have needed a car title loan in the past, you may already be one of them. But budgeting your time will also let you know when you have the time to exercise. You don’t have to go and plan the whole week in fifteen-minute increments, but if you did, you would be surprised at how much free time you have to do some crunches. Instead, start with baby steps by setting aside a half an hour, three days a week to get some exercise.

Watch What You Buy At The Market

Part of staying healthy means becoming aware of what food you put in your mouth. Nutrition is more than staying away from processed junk food. You realize that not all vegetables are made equally. Try to stay away from superstores, which tend to have a lot of recalls of their frozen vegetables. Put in some research to find out which market around you has the best food. You will find quality food balanced with affordability. Knowing where your food comes from leads to very little chance that you'll regret your purchase.




Exercise When You Have A Moment

You might find yourself working during the day and not having time to visit the gym.  You don't have time to even do light exercises at your desk. You know that health and wellness is an important concept to keep in mind.

Before you start sneaking in some crunches underneath your desk, why not start at home? Get up a half an hour early and go for a short walk! Instead of heading straight to the television or your tablet, try doing some push-ups, crunches, or even take your dog for a walk. Whenever you can sneak in the time, taking advantage can lead to an overall healthier lifestyle. If this sounds like a lot of hassle, the next step can show you how to make this less of a pain.

Compete With Yourself

Turning every free moment that you have into an excuse to exercise can get real old, real fast. To avoid getting bored, turn moments when you’re by yourself into a competition. See if you can beat your time when going for a run. Little by little increase the weight when lifting weights. Paying attention to your progress can turn a normally monotonous activity into something you want to improve and have fun with. You didn’t even have to spend a dime to adopt this mindset.




Keeping healthy on a budget doesn’t have to be the end of the world. You might spend a lot of time alone or around people. Maybe you have experience needing to budget your money, with either a title loan or other means. You might be busy with work, but with these tips you don’t have to spend money to stay fit. Before you know it, you’ll have some extra cash and a stronger body to boot.


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