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How Much Is Too Much To Spend On Groceries

March 3, 2020 | Mason Roberts

There are certain necessities in life that we cannot go without. If you own a car, you know that you will have to fill it with gas. When you own a home, you pay homeowner's insurance. And if you live by yourself or have dependents who you need to feed, you buy groceries.



It can feel annoying to have to buy groceries on a regular basis. Some people buy groceries once a week, and others buy them almost every day. However, the bills add up. You’ve probably thought, more than once, that you spend too much on food. This begs the question, “Just how much is a reasonable amount to spend on your groceries for the week?”. You will come to find that it truly depends on a multitude of factors.


How Much Money Do You Make A Month?

When deciding what you should be spending on groceries every week, an important factor includes how much income your home receives on a monthly basis. Sometimes budgeting your money isn’t the easiest thing to do, especially if you are the only one in the house who works. Oftentimes people don’t have experience in budgeting. Others, like those who have applied for a vehicle title loan, know just how important it is to ration your earnings for the week. Try to spend around ten percent of your weekly earnings on your groceries for the week, and you should be fine.



How Cheap Is The Food And Should You Avoid It?

When finding out how much to spend at the supermarket, it helps to know what your market offers. Most markets offer weekly sales on their products; however, it is important to remember to stay away from processed foods and other items that you shouldn’t trust.  Find out why certain foods are inexpensive. Frozen fish, for example, might be from a place with lax regulations on food. See if you can find food that is the right balance of being affordable and full of nutrition.


How Many Do You Shop For?


Every family has differences that make them stand out from other families. Some homes have people living by themselves while others must take care of multiple children. Because every family is different, with different tastes and dietary restrictions, no one can really tell you how much you should spend per person. That doesn’t stop the USDA from trying to make an educated estimate. The USDA comes out every month with hard data that tells you just what the average family of varying sizes should try to spend. For example, as of February 2020, families of two should spend anywhere from around $500 to around $775 a month. Again, every situation is different, and it is a case by case basis.



Budget Your Groceries

When it’s all said and done, it is truly up to you to responsibly budget your money for food. A steep or low grocery bill depends on what you specifically need. Remember that you should do the best you can to buy healthy food, as it can improve your life. When budgeted correctly, your groceries can lead to happier, healthier lives for you and your family.

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