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Is Going Back To School As An Adult Worth It?

March 1, 2020 | Mason Roberts

As an adult, it’s easy to feel the malaise of your current profession. Perhaps you got excited about a certain career, but you ended up doing something that has nothing to do with your passions. A lot of adults feel like they could be doing something more with their lives, so they ask themselves a question— would it really be worth it, if I went back to school as an adult? Before you speed towards the idea or completely shut it down, there are some factors that could shape the answer differently for you compared to another.



Can You Pay Back School Tuition?

Whenever an adult typically asks themselves this common question, the biggest roadblock tends to include the price of education. Many adults find that their current job does not earn them a sustainable living, especially if they have a family to support. They wonder just where they could possibly find the money for a new education. Fortunately, there are many ways to pay for school if you decide that your current path will not yield a better life. You can always apply for grants, talk with the financial aid office to work out a solution, do a work-study program, and if you have done all of that, you can pay the last of it off with a Southwest Title Loans personal loan.


Could Your New Career Pay Off The School Loans?

You may also wish to consider that perhaps your new career could help pay back your student debt. The profession that you wish to pursue may be quite lucrative (in the tech industry, for example). You may wish to figure out how long it will take to pay off the classes, and see if it’s worth it. Keep in mind how difficult getting hired is, even after you graduate. But if your new job has great potential for payment, you may want to use it to pay your debts.



Is There Another Way To Get Your Ideal Profession?

Perhaps you don’t need to get an entirely new degree. After all, you wonder if you can even afford to go back to school. In this case, getting a certification in a profession might be the path for you. Most of the time, employers look at experience when choosing who to hire. Having a certificate that shows your dedication to a craft or education can show employers that you mean business, even if your experience doesn’t.


Other times, building experience through internships can also catch the eye of employers. If you can’t afford to go back to school and obtain a full degree, don’t fret. Certifications and internships are great alternatives.


“Whatever You Are, Be A Good One” - Abraham Lincoln




Whatever path you decide to go down, it is important to remember that no education is truly wasted. If you decide that you are no longer happy being a cashier, secretary or even a lawyer, that’s ok. You may feel bad about the time you spent on something that wasn’t your passion, but don't worry.


Remember that your old job taught you valuable skills. Even if one of those skills was how to put up with a rude boss. You can reach the career of your dreams if you stop at nothing to find a way in and believe in yourself.


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